Bellevue Downtown Park

Bellevue Downtown Park

August 14, 2017
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Location: Bellevue
Address: 10201 N.E. 4th St., Bellevue
Acreage: 21

Bellevue is growing, growing, growing and this newly upgraded park finally gives this community the outdoor living room it deserves. Come for the scenic, European-style walking paths or for the world-class playground that just opened in June. Or take your lunch break outside on a bench on the acres of inviting grass with a view of the water feature that is a fountain, waterfall and river all in one.

The new Inspiration Playground incorporates many great accessible features to allow kids of varying abilities to enjoy a day at the park. You’ll also find some cool stuff that’s unique to this park including an enormous vine-inspired climbing wall and a built-in trampoline. There are also steep slides, two climbing structures, musical instruments and several different types of swings. The playground itself is 1.5 acres and is located next to restrooms and drinking fountains. Shades cover several areas for protection during the summer, and a small splash pad offers another reason to visit on a hot day. The Bellevue Rotary Club made much of this possible.

Take the 0.5-mile loop to get a sense of the rest of the park, and get a good look at the water feature that runs like a canal around the park ending in a cascading pool. In one corner of the park is an amphitheater-style seating area for future outdoor concerts and performances.

The park dates to the 1980s, but its full vision was never fulfilled until now. New entrances, paths, public WiFi and parking lots are more ways the city is making the park welcoming and easy to use.

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