North Rose Hill Woodlands Park

North Rose Hill Woodlands Park

May 22, 2017

Location: Kirkland/Eastside
Address: N.E. 97th St. and 124th Ave. N.E., Kirkland
Acreage: 20.96

Castle-style playgrounds are always a big hit and there are a few popular ones in our region including this one and this one. I wasn’t expecting such a great play area at this neighborhood park that’s just down the road from the Kirkland (and original) Costco.

Designed by kids, the playground truly resembles a castle with walls and turrets, but also slides, bridges and a bouldering wall. A smaller area has two truck-inspired play areas and a smaller climber. You’ll also spot swings.

This park sits next to very busy 124th Ave. N.E., where cars always seem to racing off to somewhere (maybe Costco…) Park planners took this into consideration when they installed a low fence around the park and included a gate. That said, for kids that are runners you’ll want to watch them carefully.

And, for little tots you may want to bypass the big playground and head for the smaller one that’s accessible from 128th Ave. N.E. on the opposite side of the park. You can reach it via kid-friendly trails that cross a small wetlands area and pass a reservable picnic shelter (there are also lots of picnic tables tucked into mossy corners of the park). Or park on 128th Ave. N.E. for the easiest access. This cute playground has equipment perfect for ages 4 and under, and is even more tightly fenced.

The park’s trails make it a popular pass-through for walks in this Kirkland neighborhood. If you want to do a bigger circuit that hits more great local parks, check out this comprehensive map.

#481 (Visited 3/22/17)