Google Playground and Cross Kirkland Corridor

Google Playground and Cross Kirkland Corridor

Location: Kirkland/Eastside
Address: 7th Ave. S. and 5th Pl. S., Kirkland (between Google Buildings B and D)
Acreage: ~ 3.0

I’ve been on a new mission to find cool examples of public-private partnerships that result in public spaces. Did you know that Google’s Kirkland campus has a park at its heart?

Opened in 2015, the Google park is also known as the Feriton Spur. That funny name comes from the “spur” or off-shoot from the Eastside rail line that diverted to pick up and deliver goods in Kirkland 100 years ago. The Google park is a stop on the also-new Cross Kirkland Corridor, a 5.75-mile gravel trail that is part of the Eastside Rail Corridor. In addition to providing bike commuting options on the Eastside, this fantastic trail is great for recreation. Its wide, flat surface is great for walking and biking with kids, too.

The park itself is paved with islands of grass and trees for greenery. At the south end you’ll find a small play structure and a zip line (little kids will need a boost to reach it). Modern benches are set throughout for Google employees and park visitors to picnic on. A short walk further north between the office buildings you’ll spot a full basketball court, sand volleyball court, bocce ball court, exercise equipment and a bright red caboose that kids can play on.

The way the trail, park space and office buildings interact (a sky bridge crosses the space between Google buildings) are a great example of how cities can build parks with help from businesses and benefit the whole community.

Stay tuned for more of these examples…

#474 (Visited 6/6/16)