Wilburton Hill Park

Wilburton Hill Park

July 5, 2017

Location: Bellevue
Address: 12400 Main St.,  Bellevue
Acreage: 105.5

For being one of Bellevue’s biggest parks at more than 100 acres, it’s funny that this park isn’t better known in the region. There are several reasons it should make your “to visit” list, the number one reason being its trails that connect to the Lake to Lake Trail System.

Bellevue has the best network of trails in the whole region and this trail system stretches from Lake Washington to Lake Sammamish and intersects with nearly a dozen major parks (800 acres of them!). Take a full day by foot or a half-day on a bike and you can see the best of the Eastside’s recreation and nature corridor.

Another major reason to visit Wilburton Hill Park is its playground with a great zipline and popular colorful train. Parents and grandparents can exercise on adult equipment nearby instead of leaving all the activity to the kids. The park also has soccer and baseball/softball fields.

Much better known in the area is the Bellevue Botanical Garden, which is adjacent to the park and reachable via a 0.3-mile trail. It’s easy to combine a visit to both of these parks even with kids along.

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