132nd Square Park

132nd Square Park

March 27, 2017

Location: Kirkland/Eastside
Address: 13159 132nd Ave. N.E., Kirkland
Acreage: 9.76

An example of a great neighborhood park, this park drew me for a spring birthday party last year, and I have been back twice to enjoy it again.

It is a square, and it sits appropriately on the corner of 132nd Ave. N.E. and N.E. 132nd St. You’ll find easy access from the parking lot on wheelchair- and stroller-friendly paved paths. Pass by the restrooms and head for the colorful playground that has slides and bridges and is good for both little kids and older ones.

The play area is set in a clearing surrounded by many tall trees that make this a nice park for hot summer days where there’s no problem finding shade. A covered picnic area close by offers even more sun or rain cover. The park is also beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing on the different types of trees in the almost 10-acre area.

Paths wind through the park (a popular exercise routine for seniors in the neighborhood) routing you near the ball fields and back to the parking lot. But, before you leave take your shoes off and give the reflexology foot path a try. Different sizes of stones apply pressure to spots on the underside of your feet. Trust me, it’s as amazing as a good foot rub.

#477 (Visited 5/1/16)