Calkins Landing

Calkins Landing

Location: Mercer Island
Address: S.E. 28th St. & 60th Ave. S.E.
Acreage: approx. 0.08

The most newly spruced up in a series of Mercer Island waterfront street ends, Calkins Landing is a fantastic small public space.

A paved path curving like a snake through the lawn creates a nice way to access the park, and it’s stroller- and wheelchair-friendly. Pause at the bench or picnic table for a bite to eat or cross the grass to reach the beach made up of small pebbles and logs.

Along the south side of the park is a nicely planted swale. Young trees will grow taller in the coming years to provide more privacy from nearby homes.

Other street ends on the western side of Mercer Island are Forest Landing, Franklin Landing, Proctor Landing, Garfield Landing and Slater Park.

#471 (Visited 8/10/16)